Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today I made Sugar Shuttles

This cookie is a very simple dough which is refridgerated and then formed into shapes like the shuttle one finds on a sewing machine. I was supposed to dip the cookies into egg whites and then dredge them in the granulated sugar before baking but perhaps I dunked instead of dipped and the soaking dough mixed with the sugar spread across the cookie sheet and hardened to a mess. I scraped the hardened sugar off with the spatula and scrubbed the pan as well as I could when they came fresh out of the oven but this mess ruined the cookys for me and after I ate one, I thought, "eh."
An hour later, I find them a nice sugar cooky with that delightful crispy outside but could stand perhaps some lemon or orange zest added to this uninspired cooky.
An hour after that, I have to comment that they have a very nice mouthfeel and crispy, interesting texture and although my tastebuds are still not aroused by any means, it is a fine cookie and perhaps with some zest may pick up the shouts of hurrah. Another improvement would be to use parchment paper instead of dropping the wet sugary dough shapes right onto the buttered pan.

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