Thursday, December 30, 2010

cottage cheese cookies

Here is another sugar cookie which is almost too boring for me, but not quite. It is a nice, very simple, moist cookie. They reminded me immediately of a cookie I favor and make too frequently for my own good, the sour cream cookie. The cottage cheese cookie is not frosted, however, and is crispier and not as cake-like as the sour cream cookie is, as DbR pointed out.

They also should be made teaspoon-sized, and with plenty of space around them so they bake into lovely, petite rounds. I dropped them onto the cookie sheet as larger dollops and crunched them all in together so I would be able to make only one pass at the oven. They still taste nice and we had about 35 of them when we started but they are not pretty-they have that forlorn square shape one gets when one's cookies all bake into each other and stop at the next door cookie's personal space.

I would make these again and take my time with a smaller amount and perhaps a light sprinkle of granulated on top which is a diversion from the Gourmet recipe. Interesting trivia note from book: this was the only cookie recipe published in that magazine during 1962.

Don't forget to brush.

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