Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Souvaroffs + Cloudt's Pecan Treats

It has been a while since last I've posted here. I've been busy doing many things not including baking. During the long weekend of new years I did fabricate a "baked good," or pastry rather, but not from this cooky book. I fried yeast donuts in hot oil and then I glazed and sugared them and then I filled these donuts with a rum cream and whattayaknow, I had a bunch of fresh donuts which wouldn't keep overnight. Lucky, there was a place I knew where friendly people were gathered and I was able to interest them in gobbling up donuts. They were yummy. DbR mentioned them on his blog.

Today I had a snow day from work, which is exciting, we don't have snow days usually. Since I have been planning to make cookys and add to this blog for weeks, I decided I would go ahead and make two kinds of cookies. I made them concurrently and it worked out pretty well. I started with the Souvaroffs because I had been planning on making jelly cookies for a while. I threw the dough together, cutting the recipe in half and when one is finishing the dough before refrigerating, the recipe asks for two tbls ice cold water but I forgot to half that amount like I had the previous ingredients and went ahead and put in the whole 2 tbls. I exclaimed aloud with dismay and DbR, in the other room, asked, "What?" The dough survived and turned out pretty well as I found out a half hour later when I rolled it, cut out the round shapes and baked them off (perfect amount of 24 small cookies). I filled them with the strawberry jelly David had bought earlier this week for his pb + j sandwiches.

While that dough was chilling, I made the bottom layer of shortbread cookie for the Cloudt's Pecan Treats from 1981. I found out that a cookie sheet with that little lip around the edges is called a jelly roll pan and that was what I used to bake this bottom half. After taking the bottom piece out of the 375d oven I turned the oven down to 325 and baked off the jelly cookie forms. When I got all of the pretty albeit imperfect shapes out of the oven, I mixed together and cooked the topping to this treat. I diverged from the recipe here. Instead of one and a third cups light brown sugar I used one cup dark brown sugar (it was all I had). I added one square unsweetened chocolate, just because I wanted some cocoa. Instead of using chopped pecans, since I didn't have any, I used up DbR's pecan granola. I turned the oven back to 375, poured the mixture over the jelly roll pan shortbread and stuck that back in the oven.

I cut them up and took a bite of one. I don't know if I like them yet. Later, I cut them up to triangles much smaller than the 2 x 2 recommended in the recipe. I was pleased by their texture and taste and gave some to friends who live upstairs from Magpie. I do plan to bring some Treats to work tomorrow (as the jelly flowers are all eaten up!) and make some positive vibes float around The Office.

Don't forget to brush.

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