Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grand Marnier Glazed Pain D'epice Cookies

This cookie was the cooky chosen to represent 2009. They are very festive. The recipe called for grand marnier to be added to the glaze recipe but I used what we had on hand, Gran Gala Orange Liqueur, instead. It also describes a decorating ingredient which I have never heard of before, luster dust, which one adds to vodka and then dots onto the candied orange peel which is also decorating the cooky (besides the glaze) and although one eats the "luster", it isn't food. It's nontoxic, but not food. I found that really weird. I bought dried orange peel and dried lemon peel (the lemon peel was $5 more expensive per ounce!-also weird, I thought) and sprinkled that onto the glazed and fruit accent instead of "luster". I didn't get candied orange peel either, I bought dried pineapple and cut that up into tiny triangle for the accent. The only other change in the recipe I made was I only made a half recipe.

These cookies are delicious and they call for certain procedures unfamiliar to me. No eggs are called for but many spices. One is supposed to roll it out to a 10 x 10 square and refrigerate for 12 or so hours to make the spices come forward. Then one is to cut the dough into strips about one half inch by two inches and bake those off.

That is a small rectangle of dough. A nice effect, though, although I did overbake them for a minute or two. They call for 13-15 minutes. I baked 12 minutes and it was too long, as you can see in the pic. They were still delicious. I might try making them again and making them 2 inches by one inch.

Don't forget to brush.

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