Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I couldn't stop with the mocha cookys

A day or two after I made the mocha cookys and I loved them so much, I kept thinking about how they could be improved. I thought of them often, at work, at the gym and I thought it would be nice to eat them without chocolate chips, just with the cooky dough itself. I also thought maybe I could cook them onto a buttered pan and the edges, I thought, might sizzle a little bit and burn slightly, saltily. I thought it would be pleasant to taste the salty butter crisp edges right before the deep rich chocolate softness in the middle. I also wanted to add the Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso and see what the true espresso flavor would add to the cooky as is required in the original recipe.

So I mixed them up and I changed the cooky slightly. I melted 3 oz unsweetened chocolate with one and a half cups of semi sweet chocolate. I added the expresso powder I had bought and I mixed up the batter without unmelted chips. I put them on a buttered pan and baked them up.

They were terrible. Spread over the pan without forming up into lovely bulbs of baked dough. David tasted the atrocities and said they tasted good. We discussed why they were flat. Perhaps the chips form a matrix which make the cooky less flat, he supposed.
I couldn't figure out why that would be the case. Perhaps the homemade baking powder (we had run out and DbR had mixed up the correct ratio of baking soda and cream of tartar a month of so ago.) had lost its oomph. Perhaps the oven wasn't preheated hot enough. Perhaps the buttered pan, instead of the parchment papered pan added too much butter into the cooky and made the batter too wet. I took out another block of unsweetened chocolate and chopped it up, adding to the batter. I replaced the butter with parchment paper. I continued feeding the oven this brownie batter that has the potential to be a cooky. They never got as good as the first batch. I tasted a bite, it was okay but I was so repelled by how they looked that I eschewed them. The next day, David and I were discussing them again and I looked at them closely and one looked okay, not horrible and when I inspected it further, I saw that it was one of the later cookies baked and it had a chunk of chocolate baked in and this showed me that David perhaps was right, the chocolate chips do make a difference in the appearance.

A few days later, I still hadn't had my fill. I bought more chocolate chips and with the unsweetened chocolate I still had hanging around the pantry, I made another batch of the chocolate ones. I even stuck an m+m in the top of a few. delicious.

Don't forget to brush.

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  1. yes, these are worth obsessing over. I'm avoiding having one right now, so that I will finish my lunch, go back to work & go to the gym. Then I will deserve one. Maybe one and 1/2. I'm trying to make them last...