Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mocha yum

Today I made Mocha Cookies, the recipe from 1990. They are very similar to chocolate crinkles but one does not roll them in confectionary sugar. Instead, they are filled with semisweet chocolate chips. They are very chocolatey and delicious. Of course you want to undercook them so they are soft and delicious. This is what happens when you over cook them:

I HATE that. I usually like my cookies underdone and the above happened with just a minute or two too long in the oven. boo. This is what they should look like:

Yum. The recipe asks for 1 1/2 Tbls instant espresso powder, which I have never used, or even heard of, actually. I went to stop and shop and scoured the coffee aisle and the baking aisle and couldn't find this ingredient. I even asked a S+S employee, one who looked like a smart guy, and he had heard of the espresso powder and looked around for it to help me out but he couldn't find it. I found the below sugar and bought it for too much money, as a substitute for the instant espresso powder.

I used it but I can't taste any espresso. That doesn't really matter, this is my favorite cookie so far. It was very fast and easy to make. If you need to wowo someone with some chocolate cookies make these. I assure you, they will be gobbled and lauded.

Don't forget to brush.


  1. these sound delicious!! ever tried using instant coffee instead of trying to find instant espresso powder? you could use decaf even if you wanted!!

  2. OMG- you have created a cookie monster. Wikkid impressive. While you're cooky-ing w/ zach, can I watch you blog? Your site is cooky-licious.

  3. the cookies were very yummy. and next time, i think you can just use regular espresso.