Thursday, February 4, 2016

Crispy Chocolate Wafers

On Monday I made the dough of these chocolate cookys, using two tablespoons of dark rum instead of rum extract. I attempted to roll them out Tuesday night. The recipe says to roll them out on a lightly floured board but the dough was so sticky, I gave up after cutting out eight rounds. They were thin and crispy. I didn't like them although David pointed out that they were a simple cooky, from earlier years and he seemed to like them. An hour or so later I craved more of them and planned out how I would make them easier without the impossible stickiness.

On Wednesday instead of rolling the dough out with a pin on flour, I patted it out on powder sugar as thinly as I could, then cut out smaller rounds. They turned out good, but more like chocolate crinkles, a different yet similar cooky than any sort of thin wafer. I liked them but I found that I did not like them as much as I had the crispy wafers. I guess I could roll the dough out between parchment. Thursday night, I did not love the cookies. They were unremarkable.

Don't forget to brush.

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